About     Steamship

We want to help every developer incorporate language understanding deeply and meaningfully into their software.
.. to do that, we need to focus on accessibility.
We’re a team of founders & industry veterans who have built the AI systems that power the world around you.

.. we’re turning what we’ve learned into an NLP platform designed for software development.

We value a can-do spirit, an outreached hand, and the drive to build.
.. And believe think a clear vision plus a fantastic team creates the world’s greatest tailwind.

We’re actively hiring across a number of roles

NLP Developers
Developer Relations
Back-end developers
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Our backers

We’re funded by Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Omega Venture Partners, and a some of the the best angels in the industry.

Our team

Team Lead
Ted Benson

Ted is a toolmaker, former researcher, and startup vet with a mild addiction to hot sauce. On weekends he’s usually either rock climbing or camping.

Dave Kolas
Art director

Dave loves all things data and AI. His meta-hobby is collecting hobbies; ask him about leathercrafting, houseplants, sci-fi novels, bbq...

Enias Cailliau

Enias has two passions in life. AI and nature. Today, he combines these passions by working from his van as  a digital nomad.

Doug Reid
Job Title

Doug enjoys software development, community building, and donuts. In his off hours, you can usually find him coaching soccer or noodling on a guitar.

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Our team in action

Posing ahead of our DC launch
Who poses the best?
Our first swag! Aye aye, sir! 🚢
With the swag in hand we are ready to launch!
First meeting with Doug in DC. Welcome Doug!
His first impressions: Wow this is different from Google!

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